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Meteorologist's At-Home Weather Forecast Goes Off The Rails After His Dog Decides To Get In On The Action

Fox 13 Tampa / Twitter

We're not normally the type to go out starting petitions, but we're seriously considering starting a petition to have all weather forecasts be done with pets.

Every time it happens it just gets better and better.

This time, a gorgeous golden retriever named Brody bumbled his way into a weather forecast and sent the whole thing adorably off the rails.

Paul Dellegato is Fox 13 Tampa's Chief Meteorologist. His dog, Brody, is a dog. Brody is also the bigger celebrity right now.

You might ask yourself why, considering it takes years of experience and exposure to become Chief Meteorologist. Plus Paul is on TV pretty much daily, so people know who he is.

Still, Brody is a dog. And Brody is adorable. And Brody totally hijacked a segment.

Brody wins.

couldn't care less bbc two GIF by BBC Giphy

Everyone has been working from home cause... ya know ... pandemic. That means pets and schools/workplaces are colliding in glorious ways.

Brody was not about to be left out of the trend; so he bonked the equipment, demanded some snuggles, tried to start an awesome game of tag, asked for snacks and otherwise entertained the world.

Nobody has any idea what the weather is like.

All anyone knows is there is a 100% chance of Brody.

Twitter, obviously, fell in love right away.

How could you not?

So on a scale of amazing—amazing, how amazing is the idea of new featuring pups? Amazing right? You'd have to match the dog to the segment, of course.

Brody probably wouldn't be the dog for the job with stories of a more somber nature, but a comforting pup might just help make traumatizing news feel a little less hellacious. Research has shown dogs are wonderful for helping to minimize anxiety and stress.

We could all use a little bit of that right now.

Get your own Brody here.