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Photo Of A Florida Deputy Comforting An Injured Dog On The Side Of The Road Goes Viral 😍

Osceola County Sheriff's Office/Facebook, Lin Nelson/Facebook

A photo of a Florida police officer recently posted to Facebook has hit seemingly everyone right in the heart, just in time for Christmas feels.

After she was hit by a car in the Kissimmee area of Florida, near Orlando, and appeared to be in pain, Deputy Josh Fiorelli sat with the dog and comforted her, covering her with his coat.

The achingly sweet image rapidly shot around the internet after being posted to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Here is their original post.

No owner of the dog has been identified yet, but she was taken to the Osceola County Animal Shelter, where she is recovering. But, shelter director Kim Staton says she's got a tough road ahead of her due to the seriousness of her leg injuries.

Speaking about the dog's leg to Orlando's Fox 13 News, Staton said:

"It's out of joint, her hip joint, so she'll have surgery on Thursday to have that repaired."

Those surgeries could come with complications of their own, further lengthening the dog's recovery. But doctors said she is stable and eating well, and they are hopeful she'll make a full recovery.

And from the sounds of it, she's been in great hands right from the start, including Deputy Fiorelli's. Staton praised the Deputy's care and thanked him for "...taking this dog under his wing, so to speak, and taking care of her until our officer could get there."

On social media, people were touched and heartened by the Deputy's kindness.







The Deputy even got a couple of low-key marriage proposals!



No word on Deputy Fiorelli's marital status, but the pup is likely to be very available soon!

Since no owner has been found, shelter director Staton said the dog will likely go up for adoption. So if you're in the market for a very good girl, you know who to call!

In the meantime, you can also donate to the shelter on its website.

We're all pulling for you pupper!