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Will Ferrell Iconically Shuts Down Heckler Interrupting Octavia Spencer's Walk Of Fame Ceremony

The actor wasn't about to let a heckler ruin his 'Spirited' costar's special day.

Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer at Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Things didn't exactly go to plan during Octavia Spencer's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony but, thanks to quick thinking from Spencer and her friend and Spirited co-star Will Ferrell, they got back on track pretty quickly.

The Hidden Figures actress' big day was interrupted by a member of the crowd who decided to heckle Spencer and Ferrell, declaring loudly and repeatedly that the event was "celebrating rich people."

The man interrupted with:

"We come to this universe to celebrate rich people! Look at all these rich people!"

Spencer and Ferrell both seemed a bit taken aback at first, but Spencer quickly rebounded.

She told the heckler:

"Ok, honey. Not on my day, Satan!"

Ferrell had just stepped up to the podium to praise Spencer for her achievement, and was actually in the middle of making a joke when the passerby started shouting. He took advantage of the mic to heckle right back.

Ferrell said:

"Not on Octavia’s day! Keep it moving. Keep it moving.

He then waved the man further down the street, saying:

"The wax museum’s down there. That thing is wide open."

He continued, lightening the mood with laughter:

"He’s got powerful lungs. He’s using his diaphragm.

When the man continued yelling, Ferrell said:

"Louder, please. They can’t hear you in Alhambra."

You can view a clip of Ferrell and Spencer responding to the heckler below:

People had a lot to say about the heckler, and Ferrell's response to him, on social media:

Ferrell was eventually able to get his words of praise out, saying of Spencer:

"Everyone here who has worked with Octavia knows this: She makes everyone better."

After accepting a certificate from the city of Los Angeles for her achievement, Spencer spoke about the experience:

"It took me a minute to absorb the profundity of this moment. The culmination of my dreams realized, hard work rewarded after a fair but healthy amount of failure and rejection."

The actress later shared her joy on Instagram.