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Female Pilot Reflects On The Damage Caused By Male Passengers' Sexist Jokes

Female Pilot Reflects On The Damage Caused By Male Passengers' Sexist Jokes
(PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP/Getty Images, @pilotcharlotte/Twitter)

It was just another ordinary day on the job for a female pilot named Charlotte. Unfortunately, all it took was a couple of cretinous passengers making sexist jokes for her day to take a sudden nosedive.

Charlotte, who also goes by @pilotcharlotte, tweeted on Saturday about her "lovely day flying" with her awesome crew.

But then a couple of goons taunted her with some idiotic comments like, "I won't make any jokes about female drivers then."

Her knee-jerk response to the moronic jokes was to casually laugh them off, but the insults made her reflect on the negative impact toward women who aspire to pursue her career.

A male user had the audacity to challenge her concern as if she were overreacting.

Suddenly the thread became a debate.

Charlotte emphasized that sexist jokes never prevented her from achieving her goals but that she was nonetheless disappointed by prevailing and demeaning attitudes toward women.

One guy got it; the scenario was a familiar one.

Speaking of role models, others saw Charlotte as one as well.

Short-sighted men have options if they don't approve of who's behind the controls.

Here's a public service announcement from an ally.

Charlotte's brother is also a pilot, and he couldn't be more proud.

Charlotte is a great role model for girls who have sky-high ambitions. There are little girls out there who should know that when it comes to choosing a career, the sky's the limit.

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