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Fan's Attempt To Take Selfie Video Of Rami Malek Goes Hilariously Awry 😂

Fan's Attempt To Take Selfie Video Of Rami Malek Goes Hilariously Awry 😂

Rami Malek is seeing his star make a meteoric rise thanks to his incredible take on Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. Even people who didn't like the film admit that Rami's talent shines through. He's considered a shoo-in for pretty much every award ever. All the extra attention may be a bit much for the notoriously private and quiet superstar, but he's handling it pretty well.

Some stars have (kind of understandably) been overwhelmed by the stress and constant attention, leading them to get rude or snippy with fans. Over the last few days, a video of Rami declining a fan has gone viral. Rami isn't rude, but he is certainly straight to the point and people are finding the brief exhange hilarious.

Twitter user Xan Black ran into Rami just before a Q&A. Being a fan of both Rami and films (Xan is a film student), they asked to take a quick video. Rami seemed a bit rushed and responded no, but offered to take a picture. He then took it upon himself to helpfully flip the phone to picture mode. Video was already rolling, though, so the whole thing got recorded. Xan graciously gave Twitter the greatest case of secondhand embarrassment EVER by sharing the video.

The initial excitement was so pure.

And the embarrassment was so real.

But the pictures were cute! lol.

Yeah, the posts got a TON of attention and the "celeb rights" war was on.

And before you knew it, the memes and jokes came out. Don't act surprised, this is what Twitter does best.

We want your thoughts. People seem pretty torn on whether Rami was rude or handled it well. Did he go too far? Do you honestly think he risks losing fans over this? Let us know.

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