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Explosives Expert Reveals How Investigators Will Track Down Whoever Is Behind The Bomb Threats

The recent spate of bomb threats being sent to top democratic personalities this week have investigators working hard to discover the culprit behind the campaign. Suspicious packages that appear to be explosives have been sent to former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, among several other targets.

However, the screening processes in place, and the crude nature of the bombs might have saved the investigators a lot of time in finding out who sent these bombs.

Since the bombs didn't go off, the investigators have a mountain of evidence with which to work. David Chipman, a former ATF agent, was quote in the Huffington Post article saying, "They'll check for fingerprints and DNA and other trace particles. Sometimes with mail bombs or bombs packaged to look like they went through the mail, the package itself can hold evidence."

Some were grateful or even glib about the investigation.


For others, the discourse around this story has split people down party lines.

It is unclear at this time where the investigation will lead. One can only hope that no one is hurt before the culprit is stopped.

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