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Anthropologie Is Selling An Expensive Bundle Of Actual Twigs—And Twitter Can't Even 😐

Anthropologie, @daniellesinay/Twitter

We don't know what is more outrageous, that the Anthropologie website is selling a bundle of sticks for $42 or that they are sold out.

The product is called "Birch Branch Bundle" and Twitter is losing its collective mind that a store would sell a bunch of sticks one could go pick up outside.

Now to be fair, from the picture the sticks do look very uniform in size and... oh who are we kidding?

They're sticks!

And they cost $42!

Twitter can't help but give a collective global eye roll.

What to buy for the person who has everything?

Except twigs?

People came with the jokes.

Someone (who probably gets paid a lot more money than you) came up with this idea.

Let that sink in.

Hello Giggles, Philly Voice