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Entitled Bride Goes Off The Rails In Text Exchange After Makeup Artist Won't Do Her Hair And Makeup For Free

Ever had someone reach out to you only when they needed something? Some nerve, right?

A professional makeup artist was contacted by someone she barely knows and asked for a ridiculous favor.

The bride-to-be needed a beauty specialist to drive three hours to her home and offer their services for free.

Before reaching out to her friend, the BtoB initially posted an ad with her unreasonable demand on Facebook.

A screenshot of her initial ad appeared on the Reddit thread, "Choosing Beggars."

"I'm looking for someone to do hair and make up for my wedding day which is just a small gathering as we have had to scale right back. As such I'm looking for it to be as cheap as possible, it's just myself that needs making up at home or I'm happy to come to you."
"I'm looking for 50s style hair as in picture and the classic make up look. I really don't have a lot of money and would be happy to use a student that needs portfolio work."
"Happy to sit for practice and I'm happy to discuss styling options. Looking for recommendations and quotes."

Spoiler alert: nobody responded.


When desperate times called for desperate measures, the cash-strapped BtoB unfortunately dispensed with all discretion for her next MO.

She contacted a "friend," a London stylist with whom she hasn't spoken in ten years, and offered to feature the beautician's work in a portfolio as an incentive.

The professional, named "Jessie," captured screenshots of their awkward exchange.

The opening text is already cringe-worthy.

"Hey Jessie! Long time no talk. How have you been? Sorry to hear about your parents. Sorry I didn't get in touch at the time."

So, it took ten years for the BtoB to express her condolences for a friend's deceased parents. Let's hide that insincerity with a sad face emoji. Seriously?

Then she pivoted the convo with her great news.

"So I'm getting married (third times the charm) and I'm looking for a makeup artist. Are you still practicing and would you be free? It's only a small event and I don't have a huge budget...Let me know hun xxx."

"HUN?" The audacity.


Jessie, being a good sport, gently turned down her request and even offered an alternate option.

"Hi __. Wow blast from the past! I'm okay, how are you doing? Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. You must be excited! Yes, I'm still a MUA. Am in the process of opening a salon in London with ___ which is exciting. Where are you living now? It might be easier for you to use someone close to you."


It could have ended with a gracious thank you and perhaps a "let's get together sometime and catch up" sorta thing.

But it didn't.

The presumptuous BtoB downplayed asking for a "friends discount" with a hysterically laughing emoji face.

"Not bad, excited for the wedding. ___says hi btw. Yea, I thought about getting a local makeup artist but like I said, I'm on a limited budget. Was hoping to get a friends discount. It's only a 3 hours drive for you to get here and you could come to the wedding if you wanted. It's on 18 July this year at ___."

She even admitted the three hour trip is arduous but assumed her friend wouldn't mind making the journey FOR FREE.

"I was really hoping to get a 50s style hair and makeup which I don't think is too complicated... I have some inspo styles that you could use. You could come and practice before so we can get settled on a look. I could try and come up to see you but it's a long way but it's a long way and I'm not sure ___ would be ok for the journey."


She's still talking, BTW.

"Please please please say yes! You could take some pics from it to use for your portfolio."

Jessie, being an understanding and extremely patient individual, casually laughed off the woman's dilemma and humored her by negotiating. But not really.

"Haha, I see. How much do you think you can afford? My normal rates are €75 [$84.94] per hour plus expenses. I'm sure I could reduce it for a friend but I'd need my travel covered. Also, I usually just do MU but an do simple hair."


Jessie continued:

"I didn't know your wedding was that soon. Not sure if I'm free that day but can check my calendar later. Don't think I'd be able to travel down for a trial. Like I said, ___ and I are setting up our own salon so we're really busy at the moment."

There are plenty of hints indicating Jessie isn't available, not that they would register on the bridezilla's radar.


Not only can the BtoB not take a hint, she criticized Jessie's prices.

"You really charge that much?! That is a lot of money!! I was hoping you would offer to do it for free... maybe as a wedding present to me. I could probably give you €10 for your travel but if you're coming to the wedding then I don't really see why I should... I don't feel like your being fair."

It gets better.

"I invited you to my wedding which is only small and I've said you could use the pictures you take for your portfolio so I'd be doing you a favor to. Can't you meet me half way here?"


At this point, Jessie finally explained what many people with less patience would've done as a first response.

"Yes, that's my standard rate. It really isn't that expensive for my experience and the area that I live in."
"We haven't spoken for 10 years and the first time we do you're texting me to ask me to do your MU for your wedding for free... I appreciate you don't have a lot of disposable money at the moment and if I lived closer I'd try to help, but €10 [$11.33] wouldn't even cover my petrol for the 6 hour round journey, let alone my time or products."

Despite the nagging, Jessie still spent time by kindly offering up another suggestion.

"I'm sorry but __ but I'm not going to be able to do your MU for you. If you want I could send you some links to some YouTube videos that may help you do your own style. I hope you have an amazing wedding and a beautiful marriage with ___."

Most would be so appreciative for Jessie's time.

The self-entitled "friend" responded in a way that is unsurprising, yet still, utterly shocking.


The BtoB wrote:

"F*** you. Selfish b****!"



Redditors had plenty to say over this bridezilla's demeanor.

"The Makeup artist is launching a salon in London, pretty sure she doesn't need this cheap-a** wedding in her portfolio at this point. I'm sure she has quite enough solid biz if she's doing a salon launch"redkatt
"Honestly, she was being really kind to the bride for even bothering to continue talking to her. Most folks I know would have just said that isn't possible, good luck, and left it. She tried to help out by looking into local MUAs, and explained why these things cost this much, just case the bride really wasn't aware and could use some enlightening.
Gah, this bride might be working on her 4th wedding soon if this is how she always is."MamieJoJackson
"Who makes a "Third times the charm ;)" joke to someone they haven't spoke to for 10 years?! This is almost sad it's so cringey."trevcam11

Another user summed up the BtoB's request, perfectly.

"Hey Guuuuurl. So sorry your parents died a long time ago. Listen, can you drive 18-hours to my wedding and do my hair for free? You can stay for the wedding too, but now that I've invited you to the wedding you basically owe me a gift, so why don't you do my makeup for free, and then keep the gift around $100 and we'll call it even? Can't wait"KarateKid1984

We wish the best of luck to the groom. If the "happy wife, happy life" mantra still holds, it sounds like this dude has his work cut out for him.

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