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'Entertainment Weekly' Twitter Account Rips Nicole Kidman Fan Who Balked At AMC Ad Joke

The person who runs the 'EW' Twitter account had zero time for a Nicole Kidman fan who was offended by an AMC joke.

Screenshot of Nicole Kidman from AMC ad
AMC Theatres/YouTube

The person behind Entertainment Weekly's Twitter account has been hailed a social media hero after calling out a user who was seemingly offended by a cheeky caption.

EW posted a link to an article about Tom Cruise and cleverly captioned it:

"Tom Cruise, ex-husband of AMC ad sensation Nicole Kidman, is encouraging moviegoers to flock to theaters for a 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' double feature."

The aforementioned AMC ad, of course, features Nicole Kidman in a truly meme-worthy commercial from a couple of years ago.

But a fan of the Academy Award winner was clearly not amused, replying:

"It almost sounds like you are insulting her for no reason lol."

EW responded:

"This is a Nicole Kidman stan account."

That certainly didn't help.

The user then added:

"Homie you are owned by publishing conglomerate Dotdash Meredith."

As you can imagine, they weren't having that, either.

They countered:

"I'm a 31-year-old with student loan debt, a useless journalism degree, and bills to pay."
"Just like the tweet and go."

Viewers of the exchange expressed their support for the person behind the EW account.

Regardless of the online rallying behind the EW account, though, the original responder was still unimpressed.

You just can't please everyone.