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MAGA Fans Livid After Eminem Rips Into Trump In Viral Rant

The rapper articulated his feelings on the former President in an undated video that has gone viral after it was shared on TikTok.

Eminem; Donald Trump
Kurt Krieger/Corbis via Getty Images; Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Rapper Eminem has taken aim at the core base of supporters of former President Donald Trump, highlighting what he sees as their hypocrisy and tone-deafness.

The artist, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, addressed the irony of "middle-class" white individuals backing an alleged billionaire who has never faced significant struggles in his life.

The rapper's comments gained significant attention after a video clip of him discussing Trump went viral on TikTok. In the clip shared on @Rising_path's TikTok page, Eminem expressed his frustration with Trump and his ability to connect with his most devoted supporters.

You can hear Eminem's remarks in the video below.


"How can you relate to a billionaire who has never know struggle his entire life?" #eminem #trump

The rapper said:

“I just get flustered and frustrating watching him play to his base that thinks that he cares about them and it’s actually the people that he cares about the f**king least."
"If you’re talking about his core being, ya know, a majority white middle class, what I don’t understand is how in the f**k do you feel like you relate to a billionaire who has never known struggle his entire f**king life?”
“I will say this, he talks a good one."
"And if you’re in his base, let’s say you’re going to the rallies or whatever, you watch him on TV, you hear him talking this s**t, there’s part of me that understands, like, Alright, he’s somehow still got them because he’s brainwashing them into thinking something great is going to happen. Nothing’s happening.”

The clip of Eminem's remarks quickly went viral on X.

MAGA fans rushed to defend the former President and criticized Eminem as a result.

Others were quick to defend Eminem's remarks.

Eminem joins a long chorus of musicians who've slammed Trump over the past few years.

Singer Rihanna won a legal victory over Trump in 2018 after she, through her performing rights company, Broadcast Music Inc., informed the then-President he could no longer use her music at his rallies.

The singer took action after a Washington Post reporter shared that her music was "blaring" at a rally in Tallahassee, Florida. Rihanna responded, “Not for much longer" before adding neither she "nor [her] people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies.”

Journey performer Neal Schon also spoke out against the former President after his bandmate Jonathan Cain performed Journey's hit song "Don't Stop Believin'" at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

Schon said associating with Trrump is "extremely deleterious to the Journey brand as it polarizes the band’s fans and outreach."