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There's Now A Life-Sized Statue Of Elon Musk In NYC—And It's Getting Dragged From Every Direction

There's Now A Life-Sized Statue Of Elon Musk In NYC—And It's Getting Dragged From Every Direction

Is Elon Musk worth his weight in gold?

He's certainly worth his weight in bronze colored resin!

In celebration of the Tesla founder's 50th Birthday, a six-foot-bronze-ish statue of Musk was placed in lower Manhattan.

Investment app broke the news of their gift on Twitter:

The statue earned decidedly mixed reviews on Twitter.

Many followers questioned the statue's resemblance to Musk.

Others compared the statue to the infamous bust of soccer star Cristiano Rinaldo.

Others took it as another opportunity to rake Musk across the coals.

If you're in the minority in finding something to admire in the statue, you may be in luck. is auctioning off the statue on eBay. 100% of the profits are going towards First Generation Investors, a not-for-profit dedicated to teaching high school students in underserved communities all about investing.

So far, the statue has many watchers, 60 bids and a current bid of $2,550.

According to the eBay item description:

"Elon Musk just turned 50 and to mark the occasion, the investing app created a one-of-a-kind, life-sized Elon statue and displayed it in New York for 5 days. Tesla is one of the most popular stocks among the apps 1 million+ member community."
"Crafted from polyester resin and standing 6-feet tall. Maybe you love him."
"Maybe you think he should tweet less. What you do with the statue is up to you."
"Given their mission of making the public markets work for everyone and support of financial literacy initiatives, the company is donating 100% of the proceeds to First Generation Investors, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that teaches underserved high school students the power of investing."
"Get your bids in before you-know-who does."

But should the statue not end up finding a home on eBay, one astute Twitter follower pointed out a convenient potential new home.