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Elizabeth Warren Meets Her Doppelgänger At Campaign Rally In Minnesota

Elizabeth Warren Meets Her Doppelgänger At Campaign Rally In Minnesota
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images, Inside Edition/YouTube

People say that everyone has a lookalike somewhere in the world, and Senator Elizabeth Warren has just met hers⁠—at a campaign rally in Minnesota!

What started out as a bit of fun became a bit overwhelming for Stephanie Oyen of Edina, Minnesota, as folks at the rally were genuinely mistaking her for Warren.

Oyen had decided to dress up for the rally, which took place at Macalester College in St. Paul, because she thought her costume would get a few laughs from the other attendees and that would be that.

When she got there however, there were folks who legitimately thought she was the Senator.

As it turns out, Oyen looks enough like Warren to lead to some confusion.

"People were clapping and running up to me to take photos. I kept saying 'I'm not her!' but I looked up and hundreds of people were staring at me."
"It got weird very fast."

Oyen quickly succumbed to the awkwardness and shed her blazer and glasses and tried to blend in with the crowd.

"I'm not a prankster. I really thought people would know, but then they started running up and saying 'You're my hero!' and taking photos. I felt so bad."

After Senator Warren spoke, and people were lining up to meet her, Oyen decided to put her costume back on before meeting her.

When the pair finally came together as Oyen's turn in line came, Oyen said she couldn't be sure of Senator Warren's reaction as she waited to meet her.

"I couldn't tell if she recognized I was dressed like her or if she thought, 'Here's a weird lady dressed like a stereotypical politician.'"

After a moment, Warren said "we need to talk!" while indicating Oyen's clothes.

Oyen was called back a few minutes later to get a second photo with the Senator.

Twitter users were shocked by the similarity between the two.

Others found humor in the situation.

Oyen told the Star Tribune that her experiences at the rally truly cemented her support for Warren in 2020.

"People were teary-eyed. She's their hero. It was really inspiring."

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