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People Are Making Fun Of Those Extravagant Dorm Makeovers With Over The Top Memes 😂

Kids today are out of hand!

A new trend has emerged in recent years of giving dorm rooms the sort of treatment usually reserved for actual houses attached to a mortgage.

In my day, we were lucky if we even had sheets that fit those extra-long twin dorm beds.

But today's students are out here giving their dorm rooms full HGTV makeovers, shiplap and all, in a space they usually have to share with another person. This makes no sense, especially since they will have to move out of their dorm in nine months, but some people's creative spirit just cannot be contained:

The changes these students make to their dorm room, and the way they decorate and practically remodel is very impressive, but also shocking. This is a lot of money to spend on a temporary housing situation.

Take a closer look at the transformation:

Twitter: @madisyn_blayne

Twitter: @madisyn_blayne

Twitter: @madisyn_blayne

Twitter: @madisyn_blayne

Not everyone was as shocked and confused as me, of course:

But most folks reacted with similar bafflement:

And a few mentioned that her large coffee maker wouldn't be around, most likely because it's a fire hazard (at least it is according to my alma matar):

Mostly, the internet found this whole thing just plain ridiculous and got right to work low-key roasting these dorm-room Joanna Gaineses:

With some using famous worldwide landmarks...

...and celebrated works of art to underline the ridiculousness of this fool's errand:

While others couldn't help but strike a more election-year-topical tone:

Hopefully it's all worth the investment!

H/T Mashable, Teen Vogue