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Trump Dragged After Sending Out Campaign Email Praising His Debate Performance Hours Before It Even Happened

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Tuesday night's highly anticipated first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden left Americans across the country disgusted at the level to which political discourse has sunk after four years of the Trump administration.

The President repeatedly interrupted both Biden and moderator Chris Wallace, and despite multiple reprimands, his apparent inability to contain his outburst continued to throw the debate into disarray, hindering any chance at a comprehensive presentation of each candidate's plans for the country.

Trump's behavior during the debate looks even worse contrasted with a Trump campaign heaping praise upon the President's performance.

The email was sent out hours before the debate even started.

With the subject line "I just finished debating Joe Biden," the email reads in part:

"This debate will go down in history. I showed the American People that I will ALWAYS fight to put America First no matter what and that I will NEVER stop working to Make America Great Again."

It went on to slam the media and the President's opponent, before criticizing its own potential donor, describing the President as "really disappointed to see that you chose not to step up" and make a donation.

The email and the time of its release received widespread mockery.

The preemptive praise for Trump's debate performance wasn't shared once the debate actually occurred.

The next debate is scheduled for October 15.