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Disney & Pixar Release 'Incredibles 2' First Look of the Family in Action

Disney & Pixar Release 'Incredibles 2' First Look of the Family in Action

Disney and Pixar Animation Studios released a first look image of the Parr family, a.k.a. the Incredibles, and the whole Twitter-verse is salivating to see more. On Monday, the official Disney Twitter account tweeted a sneak peak of Incredibles 2, set to arrive in theaters June 2018 - 14 years since the first film released.

The first time around, the Incredibles vanquished their adversaries and won our hearts.

Written and directed by Brad Bird, and produced by Pixar, The Incredibles (2004) grossed $633 million worldwide during its original theatrical run, and received the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature, the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, and two Academy Awards.

But the best part of the sequel?

The whole family is along for the adventure this time!

"No capes!"

This time everyone has a supersuit, including the baby of the family, Jack-Jack. His larger role in the film was already hinted at in a previous teaser.

Wait, it's been 13 years and Jack-Jack is still a baby?

Oh well, at least he's a cute baby. With laser heat-vision eyes.

People seem pretty jazzed about the sequel.

Adults who saw the first film as kids, and now have kids of their own, are beyond thrilled and excited to finally see what happens next.

How excited?

Really excited.

Did you notice the children's names reveal their powers?

Violet has the power of invisibility. Ultraviolet rays are also invisible to the human eye. Dash runs as super-speed. And Jack-Jack's powers seem to make him a Jack of all Trades.

This family is ready.

And so is this person.

Unfortunately, each tease of the upcoming sequel is too much for some people to bear.

And for others the wait has been too long.

But it could be worse.

He has a point.

But the real, chilling question that everyone wants to know...

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