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Deaf 'CODA' Star Has Fans Cracking Up With Story About Unknowingly Jamming Out To NPR Talk Radio

Deaf 'CODA' Star Has Fans Cracking Up With Story About Unknowingly Jamming Out To NPR Talk Radio

Deaf actor Daniel Durant had fans in stitches with a story he told on The Kelly Clarkson Show about one of his unique experiences with music.

The actor is one of the stars of Best Picture Academy Award nominated film CODA, which features an ensemble cast of several deaf actors. Like one of the film's main characters, Durant—who is completely deaf—loves to feel the vibrations of music in his body.

But as he told Clarkson during his recent appearance on her show, those vibrations can sometimes be deceiving—like the time in his teens when Durant cranked up the car radio and was rocking out to the bass, only to find out he was listening to NPR talk radio.

See him tell the tale in the TikTok below.


ready to get the club pumping…with NPR 😆 #coda #codafilm #npr #danieldurant #music #bass #asl

As Durant explained to Clarkson, music has been a lifelong love of his—via the vibrations he can feel in his body—ever since he was a kid traveling to soccer games in his mom's car.

As he told Clarkson:

"Sometimes I'd ask my mom, 'Can you turn it up so I can feel the bass?' And my mom was like, 'Yeah,' but we struggled to hear it.
"So my mom went ahead and bought a new sound system, and I loved it. You could feel the bass. It was so strong. The windows were shaking. It felt so good."

Then one day Durant's mom went into a store, and he decided to stay behind and crank up the bass.

And like most of us, it wasn't long before he was rocking out in his seat—so much so that he was shaking the whole car and attracting looks from a passersby in the parking lot.

"I was just imagining he must be like, 'Wow, you have such a nice system, playing a great song.' And I was like, 'Yeah.' And I started dancing to him and another person pulled up. It was a woman, same thing. I pointed at her and kept dancing."

So he asked his mom what the song was when she got back to the car and she gave him quite the surprise.

"She started laughing. 'You're listening to NPR talk radio.'"

Clarkson wasn't the only one who enjoyed Durant's story.











Honestly, who can blame him?

Those NPR hosts do kinda slap.