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Dana Bash Perfectly Shames LA Times Over Sexist Headline About Her—And They Actually Changed It

In a headline about CNN's John King, The LA Times referred to Dana Bash as his 'ex-wife' and Bash was not having it.

Dana Bash
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

CNN’s Dana Bash is set to take the reins of the network’s Inside Politics newscast, replacing John King who will move on to a new project.

However, Bash’s announcement came with an all-too-common problem for women in the workplace—the tendency to reduce their professional achievements to their personal relationships.

The Los Angeles Times was called out by Bash for framing their article on the announcement with an initial headline that read:

“John King Exits CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ for New Role. His Ex-Wife Dana Bash Will Succeed Him.”

You can see the headline below.

While it’s true Bash and King were once married, the headline focused on their personal relationship rather than her qualifications for the job.

Bash, a 51-year-old veteran political correspondent, voiced her displeasure with the headline and called out the newspaper on Twitter, noting that she and King "are now friends and share a wonderful son together."

She added:

“In this context I am not an ‘ex wife,’ I am a veteran journalist with decades of experience who worked hard for this role. Do better please.”

You can see Bash's tweet below.

The Los Angeles Times heeded Bash's criticism and promptly amended the headline by removing the reference to her being King's ex-wife.

The vice president of communications, Hillary Manning, disclosed that they concurred that the inclusion of the previous marriage between King and Bash in the headline could be misconstrued, hence they made the necessary adjustments after the article was released.

It now reads:

"John King Exits CNN's 'Inside Politics' for New Role. Dana Bash Will Succeed Him."

Bash acknowledged the newspaper's quick response and expressed her gratitude with a simple "Thank you."

You can see her tweet below.

Many were pleased the newspaper made the change but criticized it for publishing the sexist headline to begin with.

This incident highlights a larger issue women continue to face in the workplace.

Women’s professional accomplishments are often overshadowed by their personal relationships and their gender. Bash’s experience serves as a reminder that women in leadership positions still have to overcome stereotypes and biases that their male counterparts do not.

It’s important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in the workplace without resorting to personal details that are irrelevant to their qualifications. By focusing on their skills and experience, we can break down gender barriers and create a more equitable and inclusive work environment.