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Dad's Extreme Reaction To Finding Out He's Having A Girl In Viral Video Divides The Internet


A recent viral TikTok video added yet another entry to the ongoing list of sex reveal parties that don't go as planned.

Thankfully, this one didn't end in a plane crash, a forest fire, or a lethal explosion, as so many others have.

Instead, the TikTok video captured one father's absolutely priceless reaction when, in front of several friends and family members, he popped a black balloon to reveal a handful of pink balloon's inside.

Many have torn into the guy for being so obviously disappointed. But others have stuck their necks out in his defense.

Notice the emotional eruption he couldn't help but show to the whole party.

EmA Browne/TikTok

Welcome the Cringe/TikTok

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Others defended his reaction.




Lizz Garcia/TikTok

April Bean/TikTok

And, in typical internet fashion, some became fixated on something else entirely.



Nicole Renee Bowen/TikTok

If that is indeed his wife and child standing by his side, we can safely assume he figured out how to handle having a daughter the first go around.

Besides, all he really knows is what genitalia was or wasn't visible on an ultrasound. He may end up having a son anyway.

Scans aren't foolproof and the child will tell their parents what gender they are.