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Black San Francisco Man Gets Cops Called On Him For 'Breaking Into' His Own Store

Black San Francisco Man Gets Cops Called On Him For 'Breaking Into' His Own Store

The owner of a high end lemonade stand in San Francisco says he was approached by the police while testing the security system for his business. A neighbor called the police when they thought he was breaking in,

Viktor Stevenson took to Instagram to share his story. It seems he was checking the security system on his upscale lemonade kiosk when two police cars approached. In the post, Stevenson said:

Four cops just hopped out on me guns almost drawn took my ID at my own store. This racist thing is out of control but it won't stop me!

Stevenson says the officers asked him to prove the business was his. Stevenson had the keys and an ID which seemed to appease the officers who left without incident.

Stevenson also went on Facebook and posted another video as the police are leaving. He wrote:

Being black at my business minding my business and someone called the police and said I was breaking in. People die because of this kinda misuse of police resources and racial profiling everyday.

Since the Instagram and Facebook posts, the media has picked up on the story.

The police arrived after a neighbor called suspecting a break in at the lemonade stand. Many people felt frustration and sympathy for Stevenson.

Others weren't convinced the police did anything wrong.

Stevenson has said about the racism he's received in the past:

This isn't anything new for me, but it's new for me as a father and as a husband and I don't think my family or any other family should have to go through this for no reason.

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