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A Controversial New Study Reveals That Young Blood May Actually Make You Live Longer And We Have Concerns

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According to a new study, if we want to liver longer and healthier lives, we should all join the likes of Dracula, Edward Cullen, and the Salvatore brothers.

A new study by the University College London has found that drinking young people's blood can promote longer lives and can prevent age-related disorders including cancer and heart disease.

In their research, UCL found that when given young blood, older mice did not develop age-related conditions. They also maintained sharp cognitive function.

However, when young mice were given older blood, they experienced opposite effects.

UCL is not the only group testing this theory. In fact, blood studies have been going on for several years.

In 2012, a group at the University of Cambridge found that blood from young mice could play an important role in helping older mice with Muscular Sclerosis.

A Harvard study in 2014 found that plasma (the main component of blood) from young mice could help improve memory in older mice as well as increase their ability to learn.

PayPal founder, Peter Thiel has back a San Francisco based startup that specializes in the benefits of young plasma in humans.

The company, Ambrosia, conducted a study with 70 human participants, all above the age of 35.

Volunteers ages 16 through 25 donated their plasma.

When the older participants were given the younger plasma, researches saw an improvement in biomarkers for different diseases.

Ambrosia has decided to monetize the their study by selling teenage plasma. Interested consumers can buy 2 1/2 liters for $8000.


But despite the studies, lots of people aren't biting.

Happy early Halloween?

H/T: NY Post, The Guardian

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