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Controversial Accessories Calling Out Bigotry And Racism Towards Asian-American Women Are Going Viral


She has something to say and she's using a bit of bling bling as the messenger.

Jewelry designer Ada Chen wants to make a bold point and she's using her new line of earrings, eyewear and grillz to do it.

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Chen took the opportunity to turn her thesis collection into a work of political art titled Made in Chinese America. Chen uses the art pieces to explore what it means to be a Chinese-American woman.

Chen tells Refinery29 about her work:

"The collection was initially supposed to represent the most intimate aspects of my culture, but it became very politically charged in its development. The politics and culture complemented each other very well."
"In a country where immigrants are significantly contributing to its livelihood, many conservative Americans love to tell people of color who speak languages other than English to 'speak English' in order to make these POC feel like they don't belong."
"I even said it to my Cantonese-speaking friends once when I was young and hadn't realized that I thought this way because I didn't want to seem like I didn't belong myself. 'Speak Chinese' also relates to how my parents always asked me to speak to them in Chinese at home because losing one's ability to speak their home language is common."

Many of Chen's pieces are showcased on her Instagram account.

Not everyone was a fan but Chen answered her critics.

While others understood her message.

We wish Chen all the best in her future career.

H/T: Refinery29