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People Sound Off After Hillary Clinton Says Bill's Affair With Monica Lewinsky Was Not An Abuse Of Power

Screenshot CBS News

In an interview with CBS News, former First Lady, senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, denies husband and former President Bill Clinton's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power.

Even supporters of Clinton are having a hard time swallowing this one. In the interview, Clinton is asked about the affair and if her husband should have stepped down. Of course, it is not her responsibility to answer for the actions of her husband, but in light of the current climate, the #metoo movement and Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, many people look to Clinton for reflection on past missteps when handling sexual assault and power dynamics.

Clinton was having none of it. She rushed to point out Lewinsky was an adult at the time of the affair and quickly moved focus to charges of sexual misconduct against sitting president, Donald Trump.

If people were expecting a different answer, they were certainly disappointed.

Some people disagreed, and think Clinton shouldn't have to answer these questions.

Even one conservative thought Clinton was correct.

We may need to send out a memo defining "abuse of power" so everyone is on the same page.

H/T: CNN, The Telegraph