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Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Claims Her Mom Had Her Arrested For Making 'False Statements' About Her

@datjerseygirl/TikTok; Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Drama amidst the family of senior White House advisor Kellyanne Conway is nothing new. Kellyanne's husband George Conway frequently badmouths President Trump on Twitter.

Recently, however, Kellyanne and George's daughter Claudia Conway has also begun speaking out against her mother (and her Mom's boss) on social media.

On Tiktok, Claudia recently posted several videos in which she claims her mother Kellyanne had her "arrested" for making "false allegations."

Twitter quickly caught wind of Claudia's posts and hoped someone would step in!

Meanwhile, on that same day, Claudia continued to call out Kellyanne.

Tensions seem pretty high between the Conway family.

Though she may be torturing her mother, Claudia's account has earned her many fans online.

Some have even suspected that President Trump's threat to ban TikTok may have been partially influenced by Claudia Conway.

Here's hoping Claudia Conway is alright and the entire Conway family returns to normalcy soon.