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Ciara Pens Powerful Post To Her 6-Year-Old Son As She Hopes For Change Amid George Floyd Protests


Singer Ciara, looking out at the protests and understandable chaos caused by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota wrote a letter to her 6-year-old child with the scary events of the past week in mind.

She began:

"My sweet Baby Boy."
"I pray that when you get older A CHANGE will finally have come!! I'm going to keep my FAITH! I'm praying that the losses of our Black Kings and Queens won't be in vain."
"Enough is Enough! I'm praying for UNITY! I'm praying for the powers that be to unite and decide that it's time for a change! ❤️✊🏽🙏🏽"

She punctuated it with an adorable picture of her and her little one.

This came a week after she publicly condemned the death of George Floyd.

Her husband, Russell Wilson, also wrote a powerful note asking for the unnecessary deaths of Black people to end and for change to come on swift wings.

People rallied behind the couple.

Black parents everywhere are praying for a long overdue change to come.

Now in a fifth straight day of protests that are showing no signs of ending, the country faces a choice.

Will we make a change?

Or will we be forever stuck in old patterns?

The call to action is being sounded by many.