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Chrissy Teigen Made An Instagram Story About A Snail That Is Way More Riveting Than It Should Be 🐌

@chrissyteigan (Twitter)

The queen of social media, Chrissy Teigen, posted an Instagram story about a snail that is just as simple, yet oddly satisfying, as you would think.

Teigen's social media posts are known to be hilarious, genuine, and carefree. She unabashedly shares glances into her life as a mommy, wife of a super star, former supermodel, and overall passionate human. Her posts are never coated with a celebrity sheen and she is relatable and real.

All of these things make Teigen an online fan-favorite with nearly 20 million Instagram followers and over 10 million Twitter followers.

Her recent Instagram story about a snail was so classic Chrissy that the video got 3 million views. Check it out.

Don't worry, she doesn't leave viewers hanging, wondering whether or not the snail will make it across safely. Here, we can see Teigen lovingly looking after her new snail friend.

We also get a peek into the snail's life mid-journey.

And, finally, viewers can relax when they watch the slimy guy reach its destination with a Tweet aptly captioned "conclusion".

Did you watch the whole saga? You aren't alone.

Fans found meaning in the videos.

Others needed more information on the critter they became so invested in.

The answer was, "slug. slug the snail".

But mostly people are simply enamored by Teigen's relationship with her new friend.

H/T: Mashable, MSN