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'SNL' Alum Chris Redd Thinks His Attack Outside Comedy Club Was Premeditated

Redd explaind to SiriusXM's 'The Bennington Show' why he thought the assault outside of NYC's Comedy Cellar in October was 'a planned situation.'

Chris Redd
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On October 26, comedian Chris Redd was on his way to the Comedy Cellar in Manhattan when an attacker punched him in the face and then fled. Redd was taken to a hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

On Tuesday, Redd revealed on SiriusXM's The Bennington Show he believes the attack was premeditated.

Redd shared he viewed security footage in which his assailant was shown hanging out in the area for an hour before the attack.

"People called it a random attack. I don't believe that."
"He waited for me for an hour before I got there."
"He was on the phone. He had a lookout dude and everything."
"All I'm saying is this: I've never done nothing random where it took me an hour to do it."
"I would say it was a planned situation."
"That's what I feel in my heart."

Redd also joked:

"I'll probably release the footage and do like a voiceover thing."

He also shared—on a positive note—the attack gave him some free press.

"No promotion was better than getting knocked in the f**king face."
"People didn't even know I had a special out and they were like, 'Aw, hope he's okay! What, special?'"
"It did wonders for me."

Unfortunately, Redd also shared the investigation has been unsuccessful.

"The cold case got lukewarm real quick."
"The cops were confident."
"The first week, they were like, 'We're gonna find this man. We're gonna lock him up'."

As time went on, however, the police slowly lost confidence.

Redd said that he was "ghosted" the last time he texted the police for an update.

You can watch the segment below.

WARNING: NSFW language

Chris Redd Believes His Assault Was 'Planned'

Many on Twitter think he has a point. They also have their theories.

But most of all, everyone is glad he's ok - us included.

Redd's HBO Max special Why Am I Like This? is streaming now.