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Chris Pratt Just Debuted His New Look—And He's Embracing His Inner 'Mario' Ahead Of The Movie's Release

The Marvel star showed off his new facial hair, and instantly reminded people he'd be voicing the famous Nintendo character in an upcoming movie.

Chris Pratt
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Talk about "looking the part"—actor Christ Pratt has fans talking after posting a photo to social media in which he's sporting a bold new look.

The usually bearded or clean-shaven Marvel star has decided to split the difference with a new mustache that's got him looking to many fans like an unmistakable doppelganger to Mario, the iconic Nintendo character from the many Super Mario Bros. games.

Of course, Pratt is voicing the character in the The Super Mario Bros. Movie, so people can't help but assume it's a bit of Method acting for the upcoming animated film.

Pratt debuted the new look in a New Year's photo with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, as seen below.

Pratt captioned the photo:

"New year, new stache, same us. Wishing all of you a healthy, happy, and blessed #NewYear!"

Mario—and his brother Luigi, for that matter—are of course known for their bushy mustaches.

Some felt the resemblance was uncanny.

Perhaps this is Pratt's attempt to win over fans of the iconic Nintendo video game series, who weren't exactly enthused with Pratt's casting as Mario.

When the film's trailer dropped last year, fans couldn't help but notice that Pratt's Mario voice was neither Italian-sounding like Mario's, nor was it really in any way different than his regular speaking voice.

And after he gave a press statement in which he spoke rapturously about his artistic approach to the role--well, suffice to say he got soundly roasted.

The mustache is certainly closer to Mario than his voice is, though, and that should count for something! Mario wasn't the only person Pratt's new stache reminded fans of, however.

Some felt he favored fellow actors like Eric Bana.

Ethan Hawke also came to mind for some.

And to some, he looked more like another famous Chris—Christian Bale.

One person even thought Pratt's new 'stache had him looking like Tom Cruise... for some reason.

But for most fans, there was no question whose look Pratt was going for.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie drops on April 7th.