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'Chipotle Karen' Calls Mask-Wearing 'Modern Day Segregation' During Tantrum About Wait Times

'Chipotle Karen' Calls Mask-Wearing 'Modern Day Segregation' During Tantrum About Wait Times

The latest viral video of a "Karen" ripping through public life showed a woman on an absolute tear inside a Chipotle shop.

The clip featured all the key elements of a traditional Karen-fueled rage rant: anti-mask beliefs, brutal treatment of service workers, insane arguments that have almost no connection to logic and entirely dismissive bystanders who never asked for this.

TikTok user Jordyn McIntosh posted the video only a day ago and it has already amassed thousands of comments and over 100 thousand views. The person behind the camera appeared to have begun rolling mid-rant.

The clip began with Karen in full swing, screaming at the employees behind the counter at the Chipotle.

"Look at all these people waiting. Forty-five minutes they've all been waiting."

A few sporadic claps echoed through the dining room as she raged about the line.

It's unclear if those were supportive or sarcastic.

Then, apparently fed up, the woman threw in the towel and dramatically began to storm out, but not before making an attempt to provoke the revolutionary passions of the masses.

"You know what? F'k your mask! F'k all you people."
"I'm taking a stand. Thank you. Thank you. F'k all the masks. F'k 'em."
"Take it off, baby. Take your mask off. F'k it. Yeah, watch me, I don't care."
Immediately afterwards, as the woman was about to leave the building, she turned and followed up with a totally separate, equally problematic outburst.
"You know what? This is modern-day segregation."
She then awkwardly approached a pair of Black women to scream in their faces.
"I love all of you people. You know what? I love you. You're a beautiful woman."
When one of them told her to go away, she snapped once again, and even threw Chipotle trash at her.
"Oh, walk away? F'k you, bitch! F'k you. She just said go away. F'k that bitch."

TikTok viewers were intrigued by the sudden fall from grace after those initial claps.



Others offered the usual disappointed/entertained response to a Karen in action.



Jason Kalafat/TikTok


And plenty were appalled by her tokenizing.



Brian Lucot/TikTok


It's not the first, and it surely will not be the last Karen moment to hit the internet. But her half-baked attempt at political revolution was a slight departure from the norm.