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Chelsea Handler Re-Created Martha Stewart's Pool Selfie, And Martha Threw Some Epic Shade Back

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Martha Stewart's sultry Instagram pool selfie is already taking on an internet life of its own.

Stewart's selfie, which gained a lot of attention for how extra it was, received a comment from Chelsea Handler.

Handler wrote:

"I'm here to take [Martha Stewart's] swimming lesson."
"If I look this good at 78 I better still have a pool to show myself off in."

She then copied Stewart's selfie...

...with one of her own.

Former model Stewart had a few tips for handler though...

...about her pool and her face.


Stewart responded:

"Dear Chelsea I'm so happy that you liked my post well enough to emulate it. I do think my pool is a little bit prettier than yours and that my facial expression is a little bit more relaxed."
"Nevertheless you are a beautiful girl and F***ING too young to be emulating me. Continue with your comedy, your humor, and your amazing ability to gather around your political liberals."
"We need it! Love Martha."

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...Well dang!

Stewart is a master at lovingly roasting anybody, as she's shown time and time again.

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Martha Stewart's roast of Handler's pool selfie is not nearly as savage as she could have gotten, but still had a healthy dose of shade.

We truly live for the shade.

Especially when it is over the size and niceness of a pool.

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