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Madison Cawthorn Roasted After Calling Toby Keith A 'Great Philosopher' In Bizarre Floor Speech

Madison Cawthorn Roasted After Calling Toby Keith A 'Great Philosopher' In Bizarre Floor Speech
C-SPAN; Erika Goldring/WireImage/Getty Images

North Carolina Republican Representative and Hitler-enthusiast Madison Cawthorn lashed out at Democratic President Joe Biden over his handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He used a most unlikely weapon to do it—Toby Keith lyrics.

Speaking from the House floor earlier this week, Cawthorn either complained Biden hasn't yet declared war on Russia or complained Biden seems to want to declare war on Russia, it's honestly hard to tell because his speech made very little sense.

But that's all beside the point.

The real kicker was when he quoted country musician Toby Keith's post-9/11 jingoistic hit "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" and called him "the great philosopher."

See the moment below.

Cawthorn, an elected Representative in the United States Congress, actually said:

"When the United States military shows up, kings and kingdoms fall to their knees. As the great philosopher Toby Keith once said, 'We put a boot in their a**, it's the American way.'"

Ah yes, "we put a boot in their a**," sounds just like Plato or Descartes.

Cawthorn went on to extol American military might as "unmatched," saying "our brand is dominance"—and threw in an anti-semitic dog-whistle about "globalism" too, just for fun.

The blood-thirsty glee with which Keith's infamous song talks about the killing of human beings—which made many people blanch even in the shell-shocked and war-hungry early 2000s—is bad enough.

But the song was also inspired by 9/11, an attack on American soil by terrorist actors we still, 20 years later, have not yet vanquished. It's all a pretty strange choice of references if hollering about American military dominance is the goal.

The rest of Cawthorn's speech didn't exactly make any sense either.

He next moved on to yelling about President Biden being some kind of power-hungry war monger, or something?

"Congress declares war, not Joe Biden, not some woke general!"

Aside from the fact that that's not even how declaring war actually works, Biden has repeatedly said he has no intention of sending our military to fight in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

But even if Biden were sabre-rattling, wasn't Mr. Cawthorn just bloviatingabout American military might and citing the writings of "the great philosopher" Toby Keith about putting "a boot in their a**"?

What exactly does Cawthorn want?

As you might expect, Cawthorn's nonsensical speech went over like a lead balloon on Twitter.

Anyway, if you need an actual, truthful indication of how much respect Representative Cawthorn has for the U.S. military, look no further than his lies about his entry to the Naval Academy.

Nothing like a little stolen valor to prove your loyalty to the men and women in uniform.