Catherine Of Aragon Is Trending On Twitter And Nobody Knows Why

NPG/Press Association Images; @splutcho/Twitter

Catherine of Aragon trended on Twitter on Thursday, with the source of the “trend" leaving many social media users puzzled.

Thousands of Twitter users piled onto the trend, with so many joke tweets being made that most had no idea why the former queen of England was experiencing a boom in popularity.

The origin of the trend actually began with the musical Six, which features the six wives of Henry VIII.

The musical asked a trivia question with a chance to win tickets to the VIP tour, with the answer being the queen herself.

Six asked:

“Which of the Queens was previously married to Henry VIII's brother?"

The answer is Catherine of Aragon, who was previously Princess of Wales as the wife of Henry's elder brother Arthur before she was Queen.

However, many missed this particular tweet, instead coming up with their own hilarious reasons as to why Catherine of Aragon, who died in 1536, was trending.

Some expressed their excitement at the idea of seeing the queen appear on the reality TV show Love Island.

One Twitter user taught a history lesson in meme format.

Twitter users wondered how they could get Henry VIII's five other wives involved.

Someone was almost 500 years behind the times with this tweet.

Our shocked face. GIPHY

Some speculated that the queen trended on Jane Seymour and Henry VIII's anniversary as a very long-term form of revenge.


Catherine of Aragon was Queen of England from 1509 to 1533 as the first wife of King Henry VIII until their divorce.


She was previously Princess of Wales as the wife of Henry's elder brother Arthur.

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