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Cat Blamed For Knocking Out Power To 7,500 New Orleans Customers

Andreh Desanto -EyeEm/Getty Images

In a horribly sad story, a cat was electrocuted to death, and, in the process, knocked out the power for 7,500 people in New Orleans.

According to Entergy:

A cat got into a substation that feeds parts of Uptown, Central City, Mid-City and the CBD, and caused a flash when it came into contact with our equipment.

It is unusual for a cat to get into a substation; generally, squirrels and other small animals find their way in. Entergy installs protective devices to help keep animals out of our equipment not only to avoid power outages, but also to keep animals out of harm's way.

Sometimes, however, they are able to make their way around the protective devices, and when this happens, the animals unfortunately do not survive contact with high-voltage equipment.

Some folks felt bad.

But mostly it was jokes, because you know, dead animals are hysterical.

At least there was this.

Rest in peace little kitty.

H/T:, Daily Wire