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Man Called Out For 'Animal Cruelty' After Video Of Him Feeding His Cat Ice Cream Goes Viral


The internet is angry about a multitude of things right now and tempers are running high.

A pet owner found himself at the mercy of the internet after a video of him feeding ice cream to his cat went viral and folks did not think it was cute or funny. In fact, they thought quite the opposite.

Upon first watch, this fluffy white cat's face seems priceless as he tastes the cold ice cream.

While a fair share of Twitter thought this was an adorable, funny reaction...

...some pet owners on Twitter suggested that the cat's face and reaction were not adorable, as first thought, but rather a sign of something much more alarming.

Cats getting brain freeze is an internet trend that dates back to 2016, according to The Washington Post.

The Post also interviewed several veterinarians, who said that there "hasn't been much research" as it pertains to feline brain freeze.

"I can't imagine that [brain freeze] would be different in cats [than humans]," said Eric Doughtery, veterinarian and medical director for The Cat Practice in New York.

Nevertheless, the pet owner did not achieve the expected "funny cat" reactions he'd ostensibly hoped for.

"A few licks is not harmful, but it has more calories than they need," Nashville Cat Clinic veterinarian Sara Tamas reassured The Washington Post.

Hopefully the kitty is doing just fine even if ice cream is now off the menu.