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Capitol Rioter Vows To Lose Weight In Prison By Doing Yoga And Drinking Protein Shakes In Bonkers Video

Capitol Rioter Vows To Lose Weight In Prison By Doing Yoga And Drinking Protein Shakes In Bonkers Video

Jenna Ryan, a Frisco, Texas real estate agent who flew to Washington, D.C. on a private jet to attend the Stop the Steal rally on January 6, has attracted widespread mockery for vowing to devote her prison time to losing weight by doing yoga and drinking protein shakes.

Ryan made the remarks in a video posted to the social media platform TikTok, which you can watch below.

Ryan said, in part:

"Okay, so here's the deal. I am going to prison in three weeks. At the first week in January, I have to report to prison. And the only thing that I can see that is good about having to go to prison is that I'm going to be able to work out a lot and do a lot of yoga and detox."
"And also, I can't eat because the food is awful and there's just no food. So hopefully they have like some protein shakes and some protein bars I think, because you don't want to eat, like, green baloney."
"That's what they have to eat so I'm going to end up losing weight in prison. Everyone's telling me that I'll lose weight, so hopefully I'll finally get down to my ideal weight because I won't be able to drink, I won't be able to eat."

At one point in the video, Ryan steps on a scale to show viewers that she weighs 170 pounds and declares that she'd like to lose 30 pounds while in prison so she can get down to her ideal weight of 140.

Ryan goes on to add that if she can lose 30 pounds in the next two months, "it'll be worth going to prison."

Social media users have mocked Ryan for the video, saying she is deluded about what prison conditions are actually like.

Last month, Ryan received a 60-day jail sentence for her participation in the Capitol riot.

Ryan had live-streamed herself on Facebook from inside the United States Capitol on January 6, the day a mob of former President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the building on the false premise the 2020 election had been stolen.

Underscoring her fall from grace was a tweet she posted in March, two months after the insurrection, in which she insisted she was "definitely not going to jail" because she has "blonde hair," "white skin," "a great job" and "a great future."

Ryan's comments appear to acknowledge White privilege—inherent advantages possessed by a White person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.

U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper handed down a 60-day prison sentence after Ryan, in a letter to the judge, denied her tweet indicated she believes she is above the law.