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Heroic Cancer Patient Dresses As Mrs. Incredible For Final Round Of Radiotherapy ❤️

Heroic Cancer Patient Dresses As Mrs. Incredible For Final Round Of Radiotherapy ❤️
Screenshot Twitter Dr Miss Dr Mrs Liz O'Riordan

Dr Liz O'Riorda, a breast surgeon and two-time breast cancer survivor, who blogs about her experience found a unique way to mark her final radiation treatment.

O'Riorda turned up at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge for her final treatment dressed as the mother and Elasticgirl character "Mrs Incredible" from the animated film The Incredibles. With all O'Riorda has been through, she says wearing the costume was "scariest thing I've ever done" but still she was determined to make her point, saying:

You can have fun during treatment and I do feel incredible.I thought I should do something to mark the end of my treatment after the cancer came back, and thought, 'can I get away with wearing the outfit?' I did - and it was the scariest thing I've ever done, walking through Addenbrooke's from the car park, through the concourse past all these strangers - it was really daunting, but felt amazing knowing people were thinking, 'who is she, what's she doing and where is she going?'

The costume not only inspired O'Riorda, but others as well.

People thought I was stark, raving mad, but lots of kids recognized me and it was brilliant that I made them laugh as they were on their way to their own treatment. The radiotherapy staff loved it as well, no-one had ever dressed up for them before.

.Dr O'Riordan wrote a book about her experience with cancer. It will be published in September. She says she is feeling good even though she still faces additional surgeries.

I do feel incredible, though. It's like having a second lease of life - you don't take it for granted - and I have come through it. That is why I wore the costume - to show you can still have fun during cancer - I think everyone should dress up.

O'Riordan vlogged her morning experience as Mrs. Incredible.

O'Riordan has also given a TED Talk about her experience.

Twitter felt inspired by her bravery and sense of joy.

Her husband was cheering her on.

We wish Dr. O'Riordan continued strength to fight the good fight.