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Singer Camila Cabello Turns Security Check Into Photo Shoot Opportunity

Singer Camila Cabello Turns Security Check Into Photo Shoot Opportunity
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Camila Cabello, the former member of Fifth Harmony responsible for hits like Havana, Bad Things, and Crying in the Club, still has to go through airport security like everyone else. There is a difference, however: while she takes off her shoes and puts her electronics in a separate bin, the paparazzi are taking pictures of her. There's no doubt many would be annoyed by this invasion of privacy during what is typically a mundane, if slightly stressful moment. But Cabello is no stranger to the cameras, and she decided to make the best of a bad situation.

If there must be photographers, why not take advantage of them?

Cabello's antics brought a smile to quite a few faces on Twitter.

Joke or not, it's got to be hard to look this fierce while being screened by the TSA.

​Camila's "Havana" hit #1 on the US Billboard charts in January 2018, and still lingers in the Top 10 two months later.

Despite it's widespread success, Havana was apparently Cabella's greatest frustration when writing her new album. She told The Daily Collegian:

It's crazy, because that was definitely by far the hardest song to write on the album. It got to the point where I remember my mum and my manager were like, 'Don't even work on 'Havana' any more because we don't even have a song'. For my birthday I went to the studio with Pharrell. We were on the couch and he started singing something. And then I started singing something and we figured out the words in, like, 20 minutes.
It's actually incredible that it connected with people, especially knowing how much I was pulling my hair out with this song.

Cabello sets a standard we can all aspire to.

On April 9, the singer will kick off her "Never Be The Same" Tour, based on her new song of the same name. After beginning in Canada, the tour will saunter into the United States before heading to Europe for a finale. It's a good thing Camila is comfortable with pictures in airport security, because she's going to be seeing a lot more of it soon!

And where was the singer on her way to when the paparazzi found her? Why, where else with jokes as good as hers: LOLlapalooza!

So the next time you're going through airport security, just remember: any moment could be the moment you discover your inner model.

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