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Angry LA Woman Smashes Up Her Neighbor's Car With Hammers During Racist Rant—And It Doesn't End Well For Her

Angry LA Woman Smashes Up Her Neighbor's Car With Hammers During Racist Rant—And It Doesn't End Well For Her

A new viral video captured an older White woman's racist attack on her neighbors in Chatsworth, Los Angeles.

In the less-than-two minute video, the woman managed to scream obscenities, hit her neighbors' car and garbage bins with a hammer, have the police called on her and get wrangled by an angry bystander.

The chaotic ordeal was well underway when the victim began filming as her neighbor—the woman in question—wielded two hammers, which she used to smash the side of the car.

After the car-owner explained she was calling the police and filming her, the woman doubled down on her aggression:

"Get the f'k out of this f'kin sh*t. Call the police!"

After those obscenities, the hammer-wielding woman moved across the yard, smashing garbage bins along the way.

But a second video, posted just below the first, captured some sudden karma.

Shortly after the woman's initial outburst, a bystander stepped in, put her into a hold, and screamed the following.

"You got a problem, b**ch?"
"Tell me to go the f'k back somewhere, b**ch. Tell me, tell me b**ch."
"You f'ked up their car, b**ch. You thought that sh*t was cute, b**ch, but it ain't. You racist motherf'ker."

After reading her the riot act, that intervening bystander then appeared to push the woman into a nearby bush.

When TMZ caught up with Edy Perez, the car-owner and brother of the woman behind the camera, he explained that this was not the first racist incident he and his sister have encountered while living next to the woman.

Perez told TMZ that she's been hurling racist language since they moved next door in early 2019. Typically, he and his sister choose not to engage.

But this incident was different. The pounding of her hammers on the side of his car called for a response.

TMZ went on to report that although the woman was arrested, a person with the same name was released the following day due to virus concerns. The outlet did not confirm if that was indeed the same person.

Not surprisingly, the woman gained almost zero fans on Twitter after the video made the rounds.


Amidst the backdrop of nationwide protests calling for an end to systemic racism in the country, people are clearly finding outbursts like this one more and more infuriating, but all-too-frequent.

Perez's GoFundMe page, made to support the costs of fixing the damaged car, offered a chance for people to put that fury towards a productive end. The fund had a $10,000 goal and was at over $12,000 as of this writing.