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Oklahoma Woman Charged With Hate Crime After Slapping Little Caesars Worker Over Crazy Bread

Oklahoma Woman Charged With Hate Crime After Slapping Little Caesars Worker Over Crazy Bread
KFOR News 4

A woman in Enid, Oklahoma has been arrested for assaulting a worker at a Little Caesar’s. She also reportedly called him a racial slur.

All of this because the location was out of the pizza chain's “Crazy Bread.”

She now faces prison time and a $1000 fine over the altercation.

On March 30, 2022, Chris Beard was working the drive-thru line at the pizza chain. The 17-year-old answered when Rachel Scheuerman pulled up to the store.

Beard told Scheuerman the store was out of crazy bread, which angered the woman. He told her if she came to the window, she could still get the pizzas she ordered.

Scheuerman pulled up to the window enraged. She reportedly called Beard the n-word. When she asked Beard if her words hurt, the teen replied no.

At this point, Scheuerman got out of her car, stepped up to the window and slapped Beard across the face two times.

Surveillance footage from the store corroborates the incident.

After the assault, Beard and his parents tried to report the incident to the police, but found a little help from police.

The responding officer to the incident verified the event took place, but Scheuerman wasn’t detained or charged. After weeks of no response, Beard and his parents got an attorney, Ronald Kelly, who pressed the Enid Police over the investigation.

Finally, on April 14th, a warrant was issued for Scheuerman’s arrest.

But why did it take so long?

Garfield County District Attorney, Michael Fields told a local news station that they couldn’t arrest Scheuerman because officers didn’t witness the event with their own eyes. This is despite multiple surveillance videos and a cell phone video that was all confirmed by the responding officer.

Attorney Ronald Kelly said:

“They had the video. The Police Department had it. Little Caesar’s had it.”
“How many people do you have to talk about when you see the person, that is now the defendant, doing everything that the victim said happened to him.”

Scheuerman is being charged with malicious harassment based upon race. The misdemeanor is punishable by prison for up to one year and up to a $1000 fine.