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Caitlyn Jenner Slammed For Saying We Should Just Put Homeless People In 'Big Open Fields'

Leonard Ortiz/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

Republican Caitlyn Jenner has been in and out of the news quite a bit lately, especially given her campaign for governor of California.

She's had several hot takes that didn't meet with much public approval including saying a commission should determine which transgender girls are worthy to participate in girl's sports.

Her latest screaming hot take had to do with how California should treat its homeless folks.

Jenner told Inside California Politics:

"They're destroying Venice Beach! They're destroying all the businesses down there. They don't need to be there. The crime rate is going up … It's mostly homeless-on-homeless murders. We can't have that in our streets."

Her ideal solution?

Round up homeless folks and put them in "an open field out in some place."

"We have to provide some place for those people to go, whether it's an open field out in some place, or if you notice at the veteran's facility. There's these big open fields and a lot of places there.

You can view the video clip of Jenner's interview below:

Twitter users didn't feel the need to hold back in their criticism of Jenner's thoughtless suggestion.

Some folks pointed out some very familiar phrasing.

While Jenner's unthinking suggestion of forcing folks into "an open field" conveniently hidden out of sight isn't the way to help, something has to give.

There were an estimated 151,000 people experiencing homelessness in California as of January 2020.