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GOP Rep. Claims 'Too Many Men' In The Military Are 'Wearing Dresses' In Bizarre Rant

Republican House Rep. Tim Burchett claimed on Newsmax that the military and the administration are full of men 'wearing dresses and doing crazy things.'

Screenshot of Tim Burchett discussing the Biden administration on Newsmax

Tennessee Republican Representative Tim Burchett was mocked online after he claimed during a Newsmax interview that "too many men" in the military are "wearing dresses."

Burchett stated there is "no reason" for U.S. troops to remain in Syria, but acknowledged the necessity of a response to the recent drone attack that killed an American contractor and injured others

At the same time, he criticized the U.S. military and Biden administration.

You can hear what Burchett said in the video below.

Burchett stated:

"I don't think too many of our foreign adversaries take us very seriously right now."
"We have too many men in our military and our [presidential] administration wearing dresses and doing crazy things, and that is the kind of thing our international media picks up on."

Many mocked Burchett for his remarks.

Burchett went on to criticize environmental laws for getting “Americans killed” in conflicts over oil. He also dismissed concerns over the threat posed by Iran, stating “we can knock them down” and calling them “clowns” and “terrorists."

He further suggested the US is only involved in the Syrian conflict for oil interests and argued the US should get all its oil from home, given the US has “hundreds of years of oil in the ground."

Burchett added the U.S. needs to focus on the southern border.

He is a co-sponsor of Florida Representative Matt Gaetz's legislation to remove U.S. troops from Syria, expressing disappointment at the loss of American lives and the country's presence in Syria, whose leaders he said "do not want democracy."