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CNN Anchor Shames Fox News for Caring More About Their Christmas Tree Than the Capitol Riots

CNN Anchor Shames Fox News for Caring More About Their Christmas Tree Than the Capitol Riots
CNN // NBC News

Earlier this week, 49 year old Craig Tamanaha allegedly set ablaze the 50 foot Christmas tree outside the NewsCorp building in Manhattan, home to Fox News and a host of other conservative media outlets.

At this time, no evidence has been reported that suggests Tamanaha's motives were political.

Since the tree-burning, Fox News hosts have leapt to paint the crime as a story of the network's own resilience. Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt said the tree represented everything from "freedom" to "Jesus" to "Hanukkah." Far-right host Tucker Carlson said it was unfair that intelligence entities supposedly investigate the burnings of Qurans, but not the burnings of Christmas trees. Outnumbered co-host Kennedy said the "firebug little bastard" was "not gonna keep us down."

Watch below.

Of course it isn't strange for a network to cover an arson that took place outside of its headquarters, but CNN host Brianna Keilar pointed out the disproportion with which Fox covered the Christmas tree burning and how it covered other issues, such as the deadly January 6 insurrection carried out by extremists supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Check out her comments below.

After playing a montage of Fox hosts mourning the tree, Keilar rejoiced that no one was hurt before pointing out the discrepancy:

“It is incredibly scary to feel that your workplace is under attack, unless— your workplace is the Capitol. Then, according to many, many Fox hosts, it’s not such a big deal.”

She went on to play clips of Fox News hosts downplaying the deadly insurrection, saying things like "99 percent of [the rioters] were peaceful" and "they don't look like terrorists, they look like tourists." Other Fox guests and hosts said the rioters were there to "defend our Republic" and mocked police officers who defended the Capitol with sarcastic acting awards.

Keilar continued:

“At Fox, when the target is a Christmas tree at their workplace, it is a sacrilege, but when the target is the seat of American democracy, it’s not. ... Just imagine if Fox hosts could muster, for an armed attack on the Capitol, the same outrage that they did for their Christmas tree. Perhaps some of the almost half of Republicans who think Jan. 6 was a legitimate protest might actually see it for what it really was.”

By and large, people agreed with the CNN host.

She wasn't the only one calling the network out.

Fox has since erected and relit another tree.

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