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Boston Dynamics Just Created A Nimble Warehouse Robot That Is Super Impressive

Boston Dynamics Just Created A Nimble Warehouse Robot That Is Super Impressive
Boston Dynamics/YouTube

Robot-maker Boston Dynamics has shown off its latest futuristic machinery, which can effortlessly lift and transport packages with more agility than standard handling devices.

The American firm has previously revealed the Handle robot jumping around but a new video has emerged showing the technology being used in a more practical working environment, carrying boxes weighing about 11lb (5kg) – though it is capable of taking three times that.

Watch the video here:

Handle is seen working autonomously, quickly and carefully stacking boxes in a neat row on to pallets, providing a glimpse of how warehouse technology could be revolutionized in the future.

It uses a vision system to track marked pallets for navigation and individual boxes that can then be grasped and placed elsewhere.


Boston Dynamics is known for showing the world a new level of robotics, with human-like robots capable of doing parkour...


...and a four-legged robot that looks like a dog among its creations.

"Spot" is featured in a number of their videos on their YouTube channel.


Some people found Spot's autonomous nature disturbing.

Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?


SpotMini Autonomous

Could this be far behind?


But some just find a robot doggo as cute as a real pupper.


In addition to Handle, Atlas and Spot, they also have Big Dog...

BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010)



... Sand Flea...

Sand Flea Jumping

...and RHex Rough-Terrain robot.

RHex Rough-Terrain

Still not looking forward to this one though.