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Lauren Boebert Slammed For Her Hypocritical Tweet Reminding Public Officials About Their Constitutional Oaths

Lauren Boebert Slammed For Her Hypocritical Tweet Reminding Public Officials About Their Constitutional Oaths
Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Far-right Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert has once again drawn the internet's ire after posting a tweet in which she lectured her congressional colleagues about their constitutional oaths.

The tweet instantly sparked a chorus of withering replies from people who felt Boebert's message didn't accord with her behavior since taking office in January--especially her role in the January 6 insurrection.

In her tweet, Boebert wrote:

"Following the Constitution is not a request to our public officials."
"It's a solemn oath which they swear."
"Many of them really need to start remembering that!"

But immediately upon posting the tweet, Boebert's past came back to haunt her, with scores of fellow tweeters reminding her of her actions on January 6--the day scores of Republicans tried to overturn a constitutionally protected election.

In the early hours of that day just before former Republican President Donald Trump's rally that led to the deadly riot got under way, Boebert cryptically tweeted that "Today is 1776," which many have construed as a direct reference to the events planned at the Capitol later on that morning.

As things later escalated and hordes of conspiracy theorists, white nationalists and other insurrectionists breached the Capitol building, sending congresspeople scrambling for safety, Boebert began tweeting the whereabouts of politicians, including Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, within the Capitol complex.

The insurrectionists came within moments of reaching Pelosi and other key officials, some of whom they claimed to have intentions of executing.

Perhaps most ominous, several members of Congress have reported seeing Boebert giving a tour of the Capitol building to a group of people in the days before the insurrection--one of several such tours members reported seeing. The Capitol complex had been closed to visitors since March of 2020 due to the pandemic.

An interesting history for someone lecturing members of Congress about the constitution, to say the least.

And as her tweet landed like a lead balloon, scores of people tweeted back to remind Boebert of her history since taking her own constitutional oath.

An investigation into the Capitol riot was launched in the House of Representatives earlier this month. Boebert is among the Republicans who have vigorously spoken out against the inquiry.