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'The Big Bang Theory' Pays Emotional Tribute To Stephen Hawking In This Deleted Scene

'The Big Bang Theory' Pays Emotional Tribute To Stephen Hawking In This Deleted Scene

Thursday night's season finale of The Big Bang Theory had a tribute to the late Professor Stephen Hawking scripted, but the scene was cut because of time constraints. Fortunately, video of the deleted scene was posted online for fans to watch.

As the couple was reviewing their marriage license, which was signed by actor Mark Hamill, their friends entered the apartment bearing gifts. One of them was from Hawking,a pocket watch, which "must have been sent before he died."

Hamill tweeted his gratitude for the clip after its release.

Sheldon noticed that the watch contained an engraving, which he joked would bother him "if it contains super asymmetry." The touching note from Hawking was a message of joy from the renowned physicist.

"Sheldon, I'm so glad you finally married Amy. It's about time. Ha ha ha. Love, Stephen."

The cast then shed a tear as the episode concluded, followed by a short goodbye note to Hawking.

"To one of the greatest minds in the Universe and dear member of our family, we will miss you deeply. With love, everyone in The Big Bang Theory family."

Hawking died in March at the age of 76 after a nearly life-long battle with ALS, with which he was diagnosed in his 20's while in graduate school. His initial prognosis was grim, as doctors gave him only months to live. Hawking defied the odds, thriving another half-century. His insights into the complex workings of our Universe forever changed our perception of reality. Notably, his work on black holes and time propelled him to international acclaim.

Fans on Twitter gushed over the tribute, although many were disappointed that it was cut from the final airing.