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Photo Of An 'Air' Elbow Bump Between Obama And Biden Sparks Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Photo Of An 'Air' Elbow Bump Between Obama And Biden Sparks Hilarious Photoshop Battle
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Pretty much the whole country is on the edge of its seat, chewing it's fingernails raw waiting for the results of the election to finally drop.

So of course, the internet has gotten very creative with all this sit-around-and-wait time on its hands. What better way to pass the time than an epic Photoshop battle?

And a recent photo of Barack Obama and Joe Biden elbow bumping provided the perfect template.

The instant-classic photo of the former president and prospective president-to-be was taken last week at a rally for Biden's presidential campaign in Flint, Michigan.

The elbow bump, of course, is taking the place of the handshake nowadays, amidst the ongoing pandemic. It's a great picture--both men seem so jovial and friendly, and it reminds us all of the at least comparatively "simpler times" of the Obama era.

But if you look at it a certain way, it also seems a bit like Obama and Biden might be fighting a common foe, or doing some kind of super-hero pose. And over on Reddit, the mens' stances inspired several adept Photoshoppers.

People on the platform came up with loads of hilarious new versions of the photo that left their fellow Redditors howling with laughter.

There was an epic Samurai battle.

It was an instant favorite.

"You are a genius." -- originalkabumm
"This is underrated." --Winn1002

And there was a clever reboot of Star Wars featuring Obama and Biden as Skywalker and Vader.

There was also a nerd culture tribute to the former POTUS and Veep.

Which had plenty of Redditors rolling.

"It looks like Obama is about to play Pot of Greed! It allows him to draw 2 new cards from his deck!" -- noteverrelevant
"Yeah, we have a clear winner with this one!" -- Future-Frost
"I love this so much. Thank you for this." --aiden22304

And there were some more absurdist takes, like a hilarious Obama and Biden wrestling match refereed by Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama as America's foremost exotic bird enthusiasts was another favorite.

It inspired some very "punny" comments.

"Any Polys want this cracker?"
"Birdack Obama Joe Birden" -- robdelterror

And, of course, there were tons of swipes at President Trump, including an appearance from the infamous Trump Baby balloon, created by artist Matt Bonner, that showed up at several protests throughout Trump's first term.

And one where Barry and Joe give Trump the good old-fashioned school bully treatment...

Naturally, that one was beloved by many.

"This one is also the best." -- PickyQuicky69
"Wow!!! That one is really good" -- Chuckidodel
All this waiting may be agony, but at least it's inspired Reddit to keep us laughing!