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Watch As Betsy DeVos Abruptly Ends An Interview In Detroit When Asked About Public Schools

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos visited a public school in her home state of Michigan on Friday but refused to answer questions about Detroit's public education woes.

Last month, DeVos bombed a 60 Minutes interview in which she said that "maybe I should" visit public schools in Detroit to better assess how to improve learning environments for both teachers and students. While attending the high school national robotics championship and promoting opportunities in STEM fields, the secretary dodged a question about why she still refuses to visit struggling public schools.

"You got a lot of struggling schools, they're closing schools, they're tearing down schools," said Detroit parent Lamar Stinson. "We don't need that right now. Our kids need to be educated." DeVos often speaks of the importance of education and having adequate funding, but has yet to physically visit schools that need the most help, despite her pledge to do so.

When asked if she would visit other schools in Detroit, DeVos said, "I am not making any school visits today." As she was pushed further, her handlers cut off the interview.

Reporter Priya Mann: "What do you want to tell people about how the schools are doing here in your home state?"

DeVos: "We'll do some more questions later."

Twitter was quick to point out DeVos and her avoidance of tackling the issue of inadequate public school funding.