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Viral Twitter Account Shares the Most Ridiculous Local Drama on Social Media App Nextdoor


The social networking app Nextdoor is aimed at neighborhoods, so no one ever has to discuss what's happening outside a 3-block radius of their home. But, as many know from growing up in a neighborhood, there's often as much drama and intrigue as there are homey barbecues. The Twitter account @bestofnextdoor is doing God's work collecting the best of these cul-de-sac antics and bringing them to our attention!

These are NOT Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

Then again...

The app features huge amounts of neighborly good will!

There's also some behavior that falls short of the golden standard.

Neighbors love to mess with each other...

For some users, certain behaviors cross the line.

It looks like we no longer need leave the kitchen for our regular dose of neighborhood gossip!

And Nextdoor wouldn't be a SOCIAL network unless it helped you plan events!

Hopefully animal control is CC'd on some of these posts.

It's time for a neighborhood upgrade!

H/T - Twitter, NextDoor App