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Best Buy Just Changed Their Logo, And Internet Pounced On It With Odd Comparisons

Best Buy Just Changed Their Logo, And Internet Pounced On It With Odd Comparisons
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With brick and mortar establishments forced to close up shop due to an increase in online shopping, one retail giant remains tenacious and even changed their logo.

Best Buy introduced a new, streamlined logo in tandem with evolving business strategies. But will those changes keep the retail chain safe from the off-switch for a few more years?

Time will tell. But for now, initial reactions to the store's new logo weren't particularly favorable. Some just weren't buying it.

The new design sports an easier-to-read white font against a blue background instead of the former black lettering within the shape of a yellow price tag.

What was the thought process behind the graphic change?

The logo change is part of the company's re-branding strategy that launched on May 9.

Best Buy staff writer John Vomhof Jr. described the upcoming growth initiative, including their expanding merchandise offerings and the evolving ways of selling them.

The creative elements of the refreshed branding include an updated Best Buy logo and a new look and feel with updated colors, photography and conversational language. It's all designed to highlight our culture, our expertise and our talented employees.

Some consumers were okay with the design.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Criticism about the new logo's familiarity began brewing.

If customers could contribute ideas, the logo might look something like this:

Could this prognosticate the retailer's future?

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