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WATCH: How to Open a Beer on a Train With a Train Lifehack

WATCH: How to Open a Beer on a Train With a Train Lifehack

Most of us know what to do in this situation: It's been a long day and your dying to relax with that nice cold one in your hand, but there is not an opener in sight. Nothing to stress about. All you need is the closest countertop and the right angle of the neck, and you're popping that cap off your much-deserved bottle of beer with just a swing of your hand.

Don't you feel manly?

But what happens when there is no countertop? Worse...

What do you do when you're stuck on a train? What do you do then when you just have to have a brewski?

Before you go stripping the enamel of your teeth, a passenger on London's Southern Rail has a public service announcement that you should watch.

Patrick Dalton is an author and photography, and clearly, a man who lets no situation get between him and his beer.

Pretty dope moves there. Unfortunately, unless you find yourself riding the Southern Rail anywhere from London Bridge to Uckfield, you might not be able to replicate the experience. Those weird, little ripples in the roof of the train cars do look... particular.


But for a moment, Patrick Dalton felt like the MacGyver of London's metropolitan transport.

Then he back peddled a bit.

Though some people thought he shouldn't back down from his awesomeness. One dared suggest that Patrick was the Bear Grylis of urban survival.

"Don't work hard, work smart." The Dalton family motto.

Publications wanted to share this video on their websites.

When tabloid The Sun reached out to Patrick to host this video, with full credit, his response was... well, it wasn't a "yes."

"Hi, I'd love to let you use this video but unfortunately I think The Sun is a divisive waste of innocent trees."


And there was a little bit of drama.

It seems everyone wants to share Patrick's hack. With other publishers, he was a bit more receptive.

For some people the beer life hack is a game changer.

They can't wait to try it for themselves.

But for others, it is old news.

And there is the matter of collateral damage to consider.

"Only a matter of time before an article is written on the thousands of pounds of damage done to Southern Rail carriages each year by passengers trying to open beer bottles."

Then there was the matter of the Russian.

You mean this guy?

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