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Overzealous Fan Somehow Drops His Food Twice During The Same Baseball Game While Trying To Catch Foul Balls

@MLB/Twitter and @Giants55/Twitter

A baseball fan seemed destined to remain hungry as he dropped first his chips and then a slice of pizza attempting to catch two separate balls hit into the crowd.

The Los Angeles Dodgers fan was watching his side play the San Francisco Giants and munching on a portion of fries when the first ball came his way.

His attempt to catch the ball, hit by the Dodgers’ Russell Martin, was unsuccessful and as he sprawled to reach it...

While he did at least manage to snatch the foul ball up from where it lay on the ground to bag himself a souvenir, he was left without a meal...

...after he sent his food flying, so he sought out a slice of pizza to replace it.

The pizza was in his hand when, around 10 minutes later, another foul ball came his way from the bat of Tyler Austin.

Surely this time...


This time, not only did he lose his pizza – all over a woman sat on the row in front – but he also came away without the ball.

People found the whole thing highly amusing.

Whether or not the fan bought a third snack to replace the pizza remains unclear.

But he IS trying to raise money to recoup his losses.

Play ball!